The natural beauty of hand-wrought materials makes for exceptional sculpture and artistic works. John creates sculpture on commission and for his own creative expression, using the techniques of bas relief and repoussé.

Form as Function

Gates, railings, window grilles and more can also be sculptural in form, or incorporate sculptural details or relief panels in the overall design.

Sculpture Collaboration

John has worked with world-renowned sculptors to provide support and accompaniment in their projects. If you're seeking a sculptor to collaborate, please get in touch!

"The Statue of Liberty is one of the finest examples available of copper sculpture using the ancient technique of repoussé. It's inspiring in its beauty of form, and majestic in its function. This is an ancient technique that is enjoying a slight resurgence in popularity; I would like to continue to play a part in the renaissance of this wonderful art form."

(Fr., "driven back")

The art of raising designs upon metal by hammering from the back

bas relief

A method of sculpting that entails carving or etching away the surface of a flat piece of stone or metal. The resulting image is raised above the background's flat surface.

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Sculpture Repair and Restoration

Our work is not just original only; sculpture repair is available and is a specialty. Over the years John has completed many repairs and restorations in many different styles and mediums, including the delicate repair of lead and hard lead sculpture. He has also reproduced sterling silver castings.

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