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Setting Goals

Usually before any custom art metal project can begin, it's important to establish what you, the client, are trying to achieve. A great start is to browse the internet for pictures or images of things you would like to be involved in creating, or if you're a visual person, a simple sketch is a terrific first step.

Visiting the Studio

Initially, I like to invite clients to my shop and studio space to begin the process. It's here that they can actually touch, hold and feel many samples of hand-wrought custom copper and art metalwork. Clients are able to see many examples of form and function in full scale. Nothing can substitute for this personal experience. It's inspiring and exciting, and a great way to begin the process. Here at the shop there's also access to a small library of drawings, catalogues and literature built over many years for reference purposes and design ideas. 

Sketches & Samples

After the initial design idea is arrived upon, small sketches and actual samples in metal are worked up. This helps to gauge actual future labor and material costs that might be involved in the commission of any work. It's also here that budget considerations are discussed. Many times as the process continues from this stage, a full-size section sample will be made. Final cost estimates always originate from this point, and there is nothing like being able to see and feel a small section of your project brought to life from the forge. It's an invaluable step for ascertaining how the process will progress for the final piece.

Production & Installation

Now the work can begin in earnest. Pieces are cut, formed and shaped, forged, fitted and finished. Many times we'll need to visit and prepare your home or the installation site ahead of time. When everything is complete, we'll prepare and deliver the finished work to the site, or package it for shipping or pickup from the shop. During the installation process many years of experience in the trades come into play. With over 26 years of on-site and in-shop experience, we've established many invaluable working relationships with some of the finest craftsman available. Their services are available to help, if needed, with any unique problems and considerations regarding installations and on the job finishes. Almost without exception we are able to draw from past experience to successfully complete the installation without requiring additional assistance, but it's a wonderful resource to be able to draw from if needed. 

Support, Maintenance and Repair

After the final piece is delivered or installed, John is always available for support if any questions, concerns or later additions are desired. Should something happen to your piece, we are also here for repairs and restorations. The most important things to us, in the end, is that you as the client are absolutely thrilled and completely happy and satisfied with the work, and the process.

Ready to start

your project?

John Madarasz
407 Spackman Lane
Exton, PA, USA 19341
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