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An homage to "the spirit, freedom and power of the wind in any sail," John Madarasz' fleet of one hundred unique ship sails has now launched.

“Sail” is a new series of one hundred bronze sculptures for 2018.


These pieces were Inspired by the 1933 woodcut print “Bright Mariner” by the revered Artist Wharton Esherick.


Each sculpture is individually crafted in bronze, with each sail individually hand-hammered and fused to one of five different bases. Every patina and finish is uniquely different, and each sculpture is numbered and dated, then hand -tamped with John's makers mark. Included with each sculpture is a signed and dated Wharton Esherick “Bright Mariner” card with a hand-written sentiment about the piece.


We hope to get feedback from each person who purchases one of these pieces, so we can keep a record of where the sail is harbored. We’ll post the whereabouts on the site so the rest of the fleet can visit and remain part of the project.


The sculptures are available for purchase directly by contacting us, or through select galleries and gift shops to be announced. 


Read more about Wharton Esherick's work and the Esherick Museum at

"The sculpture is an homage to the spirit, freedom, and wonderfully unpredictable power of the wind in any sail, and our ability to give ourselves up to that… and be one with something much greater than ourselves in order to move forward to the places where we want to be."

“Sail” sculpture bases on the grinding bench with some finished pieces

Bronze “Sail” sculpture bases fresh from the foundry, waiting to be finished and have their sails attached

The base of A001 of the "Sail" series

Proto-types for the upcoming series of “Sail" in aluminum on the bench in the main studio #001/100


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